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  • FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka

    6 hours ago
    Excerpt Tarek Fatah Toronto Sun THIS!!
    "Almost no one dared to mention the word “Christian” let alone identify the terrorists as Muslim or Islamist or whatever safe word they could find in the politically correct dictionary that only the chattering classes employ. Using ordinary plain English to describe the atrocities would of course open one to be labelled “White Nationalist” or “Islamophobe.”
    It’s no wonder the trio of America’s living liberal saints, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren all used the phrase, “Easter Worshippers,” instead of Christians. It was almost as if the C word was beneath them.
    Others, like Alan Keenan of the International Crisis Group, claimed the real victims of the Sri Lanka attacks could end up being the broader Muslim community targeted in the wake of the attack, irrespective of the fact their co-religionists carried out the blood bath.
    Here are the words of the suicide bomber Mohamed Zaharan from his YouTube channel where he declares: “It is a sin to live in Dar Al Kufr, (a country with a non-Muslim majority)” and “Even if a Kaffir (non-Muslim) does good things, I hate him, because he is a non-believer [in Islam].”
    Such hate may not be a dominant trait among ordinary Muslims, but as one, I am aware where such hate is planted in our minds. Seventeen times a day, every Muslim child in every mosque, in every country, hears the Imam read a prayer where both Christians and Jews are referred with derision, yet no one dares to intervene."
  • Montebello police officer dies after being shot with his own gun at police headquarters

    8 hours ago 2 shares
    My thoughts and sympathies go out to Officer Kenneth Utsinger's family and loved ones. #Montebello #CA38

    Public safety is a difficult profession that can lead to mental health struggles. There are resources available specifically tailored to help #firstresponders.

    The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

    The Lifeline provides 24/7 confidential support for those in distress or in need of help for their loved ones.

    CONTACT: Call 800-273-8255 or visit

    Crisis Text Line

    A text will connect you with a trained crisis counselor, 24/7.

    CONTACT: or text BADGE to 741741
  • N.H. Congressional Delegation Criticizes New Trump Administration Abortion Rule

    6 hours ago 3 shares
    The Trump Administration’s rule to impose a domestic gag rule on the Title X family planning program will restrict women’s access to comprehensive healthcare services by preventing patients from discussing a full range of reproductive healthcare options with their doctors. Each year in New Hampshire, the Title X program enables thousands of Granite Staters to access critical care like STD & HIV testing, birth control, and cervical cancer screenings. Yesterday, I was proud to join Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen, Senator Shaheen, Congressman Pappas and strong advocates to stand up for the reproductive healthcare rights of women and families across New Hampshire.
  • Congressman Johnson awarded for perfect voting record on the environment

    7 hours ago 4 shares
    It is an honor to receive recognition from an organization that truly understands that we cannot achieve or maintain a high standard of living if our environment is severely degraded or damaged. While I am honored to receive this award for my environmental voting record, my hope is that records like mine will one day become common place and not worthy of special recognition.
  • Top VA boss celebrates progress made at Manchester VA Medical Center

    7 hours ago
    Proud to have worked on the VA Committee and with local veterans, whistleblowers, Director Al Montoya, and staff to make improvements at the Manchester VAMC. The changes at the Manchester VAMC are promising developments but we must stay vigilant and continue to work to ensure no veteran in New Hampshire struggles to access the care and support they need.
  • Climate change makes poor countries poorer, widening global inequality, researchers say

    6 hours ago 29 shares
    Climate change is widening economic inequality across countries. It’s a global threat, and California won’t be waiting around for Washington to finally get its act together to address it. We’ve taken matters into our own hands.
  • Warren Spends 3 Minutes Dodging Question About Social Security

    6 hours ago 629 shares
    Watch as Elizabeth Warren does everything she can to avoid answering a direct question about social security. This after going full socialist and calling for hundreds of billions in additional spending.

    It's because she has no answer and everyone should know it.
  • Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Census Citizenship Question

    5 hours ago 3 shares
    New Mexico stands to lose hundreds of millions in federal resources if President Trump gets his way. This bigoted citizenship question for the 2020 Census will wreak havoc on our state – we must ensure that each and every New Mexico family is counted.
  • On Census Citizenship Question, Supreme Court’s Conservatives Appear United

    6 hours ago 75 shares
    The census needs to count every person. The integrity of our democracy and representation for our communities depend on it. If SCOTUS upholds Trump’s citizenship question, it could rig our politics for the next decade.

    Oral arguments begin today.
  • Democrats subpoena ex-White House counsel Don McGahn

    11 hours ago 1 shares
    Chairman Nadler has issued a subpoena to have former White House Lawyer Don McGahn provide documents and testimony regarding Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation. The House Judiciary Committee expects to hear from McGahn, Mueller, and Barr in the coming weeks.