Why Joe Biden should go all-in on vaccine mandates - CNN

on cnn.com 06:09Sep, 20, 2021

That's looking like a very smart bet -- as poll after poll shows clear majorities supportive of the vaccine mandate.

* A Fox News poll released over the weekend showed almost 6 in 10 Americans (58%) saying they support the federal government requiring all federal workers to be vaccinated. The same poll showed near-identical support (56%) for the government to compel all businesses with more than 100 employees to have their people vaccinated (or tested weekly).

* A CNN poll released last week showed that a majority of Americans support vaccination requirements to return to the workplace (54%), kids attending in-person classes (55%), and concertgoers and people attending sporting events (55%).

*And this from a Monmouth University poll released last week: "Most Americans support vaccine mandates for key groups mentioned in Biden's announcement last week. This includes requiring Covid vaccines for health care workers (63%), federal employees (58%), and private contractors working for the federal government (55%)."


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The simple fact is that in a deeply divided country on, well, almost everything, vaccine mandates are a clear majority winner in poll after poll.

Why? People want things back to normal -- and the Delta variant has scared plenty of people straight about the dangers of not being vaccinated.

Now what? Expect President Biden -- and Democratic leaders in Congress -- to push hard on their vaccine mandate messaging, knowing, without a doubt, the bulk of the public is behind them. That will put Republicans in a bind, because while their base is skeptical of mandates, they, too, see the polling on the issue with the general public.

The Point: Biden's presidency will be defined by how he is perceived to have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic. And with his vaccine mandate, he's on very solid ground.

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