Report comment <p>Step 1. Impose total News black-out.<br /> Step 2. Take the help of Isreal and US, Neutralise Pak nuclear weapons and reactors (like Israel did in Syria)<br /> Step 3. Wage a war for 10- 15 days just air strikes, mainly unmanned drones.<br /> Step 4. Wipe out Pak from the face of the World. </p> <p>And finish the bloody jihadi, wahabi, Paki problem..once for all, sir. The blood thirsty country is not even as big as Maharashtra, what are we scared of ???</p> <p>China or Saudi???</p> <p>Exert pressure on the already GDP rattled, jittery China and on Saudi Arabia who fund terrorism in pak. Seroius threats or impacts on some of their big economic pacts would be enough to cuff their hands???...</p>

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