Report comment <p>STATE OF EMERGENCY. IN Charlottesville Virginia. ...This is all blabbermouth in the White House's fault. , m***** f*****'s get Steve Bannon Miller and Sebastian Gorka out of white house and Donald. Dump. He's not only creating chaos all over the world in Congress in the military in the Boy Scouts in the police academies, but now in our own country. Steve Bannon said he wanted to do this. What don't people get? Congress better stand up ,and take this unhinged man in and everybody else that he has in the White House out..! ! he is a complete danger to our country and in the whole world ,! ! This is ridiculous ,this is pissing me off, Steve Bannon is in the White House laughing his ass off right now while people are getting hurt... Stand up America! ! I know one thing I ain't going back another 50 60 years.#RESIST ! !</p>

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