Report comment <p>Everyone like this so it stays at the top and we can make waves! I'm so excited that Bernie is now touring the country encouraging TRUE progressives to get involved in local politics! We owe it to him now to stay focused on local elections *at least* as much as national issues. 2017 local elections and 2018 midterm are fast approaching. The only way we can ever get rid of Citizens United, end gerrymandering, take back legislatures, build infrastructure, or even get out the vote is to first build a foundation of true progressives at the local level so that they can support Berniecrats running at levels above. That's what Bernie has always called bottom up political revolution. To be honest, it seems that this local solution is not discussed enough in our online discourse. Are you going to let us go down like that? Are you ready to make change? Please pledge to discuss local elections every day and ind or start your Local Berniecrats local chapter here: <a href=""></a></p>

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