Report comment <p>NFL protests<br /> Well; I believe that I am finished watching any NFL football games. I haven’t really watched any NFL games this year, after week two!<br /> As a veteran I find these anthem kneeling protesters extremely disrespectful and very unpatriotic. I know that this is their right. One of the rights that many deceased veterans died to give them. With that being said; I find their continued protests even that more disrespectful!<br /> Now I have learned that the NFL commissioner (Roger Goodell, the weakest NFL commissioner of all time) has allowed these players to blackmail the league into giving them $100,000,000 dollars. This money is to go to black social causes.<br /> This in its self would be bad enough, but as I understand it this money is to be taken away from veteran and breast cancer groups and organizations! A double slap in the face to every veteran. This is disgraceful that the NFL has caved into blackmail! Now the inmates are truly running the asylum!<br /> I love football; played back yard football growing up. Played in the parks and anywhere we could find a few kids to get a game up. I played 4 years of high school ball and was good enough to have gotten a college scholarship had I not gotten my knee blown out my senior year. This was back before orthoscopic surgery! I love the game. I played intramural in college. Played in the Army and got to score a touchdown in a battalion game in the cotton bowl. Blew out another knee. After the Army I played city league flag football in Anchorage AK. I have been involved in Fantasy football since before computers. My point; I grew up on football (and other sports), I love the game. I taught the game to my son. He too has a love for the game. He was an all-state player in Alaska, and had a small college scholarship in AZ. My son now is an assistant high school football coach and heading for his own head coaching job. Football has been a part of my families and my life for as long as I can remember.<br /> These protesters have ruined the NFL for me. I won’t watch on tv. I won’t buy their merchandise, and I won’t buy a game ticket! I am done until every political protest has stopped, and all of the players start standing for our anthem. Even after the protest and politics end I still may never watch another NFL game! I am tired of the over-paid whining bunch! The old NFL contracts use to have morals clauses in them! Those days are long gone! Tired of the media making hero’s out of some of these thugs.<br /> Politics has no place in sports. This should never have been allowed to happen to begin with!<br /> Looks like I am left with Highschool football and college games. On the upside I am getting a lot more done now on Sundays! So from now on it's Go Dawgs UW!</p> <p>Every veteran in America should be Boycotting the NFL</p>

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