Note: 1157 version operates the 5 Watt led in bright mode (ie: brakes and turn signals) and the 4x SMT leds for dim mode (running lights). Qty 5, BA15S 33 LED 250 Lumen Warm White 3W Tower 10-30V DC 1141 1156 Boat RV. Sku # 3530104. That's where the 18 LED "Tower" style LED bulb Lamp# 1141 LED Equivalent Miniature Light Bulb This is a direct LED replacement for Single Contact Bayonet Based miniature incandescent lamps. 88-99 (Old Body Style) Chevy center tail tamp bulbs. Add To List Click to add item Sylvania 25W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb - 2 Pack to your list. Buy the PLT ZY-BA15SS05140030V-30K LED BA15s bulb, on sale now and ready to ship. For Audi A3 A4 A5 A6 Q5 Q7 TT 1156 LED Strobe Flashing 5 … Can anyone help me find an LED replacement for it? 1156 / BA15S Led Bulbs Buy high performance and CANbus 1156 / BA15S / P21W led bulbs replacement, matching halogen housing, aftermarket replacement Tail, Turn Signal, Backup Reverse light. To specs. Why? Theoretically if you put 27W bulb into something rated for 21W, you are drawing more Wattage so possible that it *may* generate more heat, light, and *may* harm circuit. SYLVANIA 1156 36521 BULB ; WAGNER 1156 ; WESTINGHOUSE 1156 ; WIKO 1156 Minimum Qty 10 Brand Eiko Technology Actual Wattage Equivalent Wattage Voltage Lumen Output Lumens Per Watt Color Temperature (Kelvin) Color Rendering Index Light Color Bulb Shape Base Type Burn … 1156 LED Bulb Replacement Choices 1156 incandescent bulbs work just fine, thank you. When comparing different light bulbs and lamps, it is better to compare the lumens that each bulb produces, in order to gain a true like-for-like comparison. 1988-1999 (Old Body Style) Chevy and GMC full size trucks & SUVs center tail lamp bulbs (Our 3157 bulbs can be used for top tail lamp bulbs); 1995-2001 Cavalier and Sunfire tail lamp bulbs; 1992-1998 Grand Am tail lamp bulbs; 2004-2007 Dodge Ram truck tail lamp bulbs Looking for a replacement bulb? What I did find and will use is the bulb #97. The bulb is "A" shape and the diameter would be nineteen 8ths of an inch, or 2 3/8". So when shopping for a led 1156 light bulb look for the equivalent lumens. The most powerful led tail- reverse / back up light bulb ever made---1-3/4"" x 15/16" diameter. Here is a simple reference detailing the locking tab designs of common automotive headlight and fog light bulb bases. This is the part number according to the manual: 925-04213 This is what it looks like. Incandescent (1156) bulbs spray their light through almost 360 degrees and lamp housings designed for them rely on that. Buy It Now. GMC full size trucks & SUVs (Use the Regular 3157 bulb for the top tail lamp bulbs) 95-01 Cavalier and Sunfire tail lights; 92-98 Grand Am tail lights If a 1057 and 1157 are the same then the 1057 and 1156 are not interchangeable. From what I read on the net, the P21W is supposed to be 21W vs 1156 which is 27W. Emits a 2700 Kelvin color matched for incandescent bulbs Our quick automotive bulb cross reference below lays out the most common bulb bases installers will run into while upgrading their OEM halogen headlights to HID or LED headlight kits. 1156 (WHITE) LED Bulb - ZEVO . We apologize that this item is not available for pickup in store at this time. The 1156 R12 LED bulb emits up to 335 lumens of warm white or cool white illumination. Warm White LED bulb is the closest in color to an incandescent bulb! Roger Can I put in an 1156 or are they different wattages? Its BA15S 15-mm bayonet base allows for easy plug-and-play installation—just twist to lock in place. 6 product ratings - RED LED LIGHT BULB 1156 REPLACEMENT for BRAKE TAIL CORNER TURN SIGNAL LAMP. Speaker Part Number here. of the two bulbs are very close. Often, more than one bulb can serve as a replacement part for nearly any automotive lamp. NAPA Light Bulb. 2007 Tundra Reg Cab Long Bed 4x4 4.7L + ScanGauge II, '08 ATC Cougar (built 06/16/08) # of nights in camper: '08=15, '12=21,'13=16, '14=10, '15=52, '16=11, '17=20 (equals 145) Pickup in Store not currently available. Automotive lamps burn out after a long period of use. Equivalent to a 15-Watt S8-shaped halogen lamp, this bulb utilizes only 3 watts of power for its 250-lumen output. 9417866 78239. And of course they are identical to the first set. An 1156 is a single filament bulb (only one contact), could be used for dedicated turn signals, marker lamp, or backup. Calculate your electric cost. I have a Troy-Built Storm XP snowblower, the light bulb continually breaks. GENSSI 1156 2057 BAY15D Red LED Bulbs w/ Brake Light Flasher Flashing (Red) (Pack of 2) $10.95 New. 302 sold. As easy as changing a lightbulb, you can have improved performance and safety for interior and exterior applications. I need to replace the bulb in the front black out drive light. However, this item may be purchased online to be shipped to home or … Shipping ADD TO CART. These 1156 / BA15S / P21W led bulbs are designed at halogen bulb size, tough for long-lasting durability, creating brighter lighting. The SYLVANIA ZEVO ® LED bulbs deliver a brighter, whiter, sharper light. Great for commercial and residential applications such as vehicles, boats, and furniture, start saving energy by using the PLT 1156-24SMD5050-27K LED S8 mini indicator lamp. 78266 1157. This LED replacement bulb is perfect for landscape light fixtures, elevator lights, interior RV lights, and boat cabin lights. Note that these are bulbs that have a low/high filament; i.e., one filament is "on" all the 1156 is a big one. A lumen is a measure of how much total light a bulb produces. Thanks! This HQRP SMD LED Bulb would be useful in Car Auto Vehicle Motorcycle Scooter Truck Trailer RV Boat Marine etc. C $6.77. Bulbs used for headlamps, turn signals and brake lamps may be required to comply with international and national regulations governing the types of lamps used.Other automotive lighting applications such as auxiliary lamps or interior lighting may not be regulated, but common types are used by many automotive manufacturers. 64-SMD high power 1156 chipsets per bulb,Working Voltage:12v; Eiko GE. CEC Industries LTD Miniature Lamp Part # Interchange Your Global Partner in Lighting Solutions Form 231 Lamp Interchange Listing ** OE p/n is subject to change Last Update: 06/2016 CEC Number ECE. Led BA15s Bulb 12V AC DC 1156 1141 S8 Single Contact Base Waterproof Lamp 5. So I go to group 5 motorsports, and order a pair of Philips Silvervision 1156 bulbs, thinking, aha, I am on the right track. An 1157 is a dual filament bulb (two contacts on the bottom) used for tail lamps with integrated brake/turn sig. Direct 1156 replacement bulb for Back Up, Brake, Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL), Cornering, Daytime Running Light (DRL), Courtesy, Engine Comp., License, Parking, Side Marker, Tail, Trunk or Cargo, Turn Signal applications . 1156 1156. Headlight and Fog Light Bulb Cross Reference. Product Line : NAPA Lamps. To download this PDF, click here. From United States +C $20.29 shipping estimate. LED Edison Bulb Dimmable 6W Vintage Led Light Bulb 60W Equivalent 2200K Warm. BA15s LED Bulb for #93 1141 1156 RV Interior Ceiling Lights (1, 2, 4, 8 or 10x) | eBay Of course the bulbs finally came today and, sure enough, they are not marked 1156 but actually PY21W. These LEDs are ideal for mission critical applications such as power plant displays, industrial equipment, and elevator controls. Visit for all your LED mini indicator lighting needs. The letter indicates the shape of the bulb and the number relates to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. For example, a common household bulb is the A-19. Finally, it is worth mentioning the difference between 1156 and 1157 and what you will find is that the 1156 bulb is simply for a single action, which means it is used for a turn signal or an on/off light whereas the 1157 is a dual action bulb and can be used for two functions including brake lights as well as front signal indicators. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 1157 9428902. 1157 and 1156 Motorcycle Light Bulbs There are several motorcycle tail light and brake light bulb types which are interchangeable. 1157 1157. Typically an incandescent 1156- 21 watt light bulb puts out approximately 300 lumens. Joe like I said earlier I also need this #631 bulb. 3 Variations Available Sylvania 90W Equivalent PAR38 LED Light Bulb. Light bulbs for automobiles are made in several standardized series. 1156 1156 1156. $19.39 New. The letter indicates the shape of the bulb and the number relates to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. 1158 1158 1176 1176. But for the inveterate farkler, everything and anything can and should be improved, changed or customized. I want to replace it with an LED if possible. World-class manufacturing and high-quality guarantee an … So I removed the OEM bulb (amber) and noted the number on it, 1156. Find a full list of incandescent, halogen & HID bulb specifications including voltage, current draw, and J.W. For example, a common household bulb is the A-19. For example, an 1157 automotive lamp is electrically compatible with a 1034 lamp. I couldn't find it too and I couldn't find the 1155 bulb either. The bulb is "A" shape and the diameter would be nineteen 8ths of an inch, or 2 3/8". Also if you need the #90 bulb for the sail panel lights, I had no problem finding them. 1156 Incandescent Bulb - LongLife . 1156 1157 1157. LED equivalent wattages to traditional light sources can only be approximate, as they will vary depending on the colour temperature and quality of the bulbs being compared. It has a 1073 in it. 8.Cross Reference: 1156 BA15S = 1073 1093 1129 1141 1159 1259 1459 1619 1651 1680 3496 5007 5008 7506 7527 ; 9.Application:Turn Signal Light, Backup Reserve Light, Tail light, Corner light, Stop light, Parking light,Side marker light,ect.Common use for Car,Truck,Trailer,etc. Lightbulb Wattage (wH/hr) 1156 version operates all 5 leds simultaneously Watts Calculator. Part # : LMP 1156. 1176.