Trump Golf was founded in 1999 with the mission to create the world’s best luxury golf experience that celebrates the purity of the game, family values and tradition.

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There are 19 golf clubs in total, Trump has golf clubs on almost every continent. Here is the list of Trump's Golf.

Trump Hotels is a brand of five-star luxury hotels and resorts with a mission of providing extraordinary customer experiences and luxury accommodations. Trump's exceptionally designed hotels in iconic locations put guests at the heart of each destination.

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Almost every luxury city you go, you can see a hotel, a resort or a tower with a Trump brand on it. Here is the list of all Trump Hotels in the world.

Trump is known as the preeminent developer of luxury real estate and is responsible for the finest portfolio of residential properties in the world. The Trump brand continues to elevate the global standard of luxury living.

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Residential properties in the Trump brand are luxury and magnificent. From America to India, you can always find a high-living living space. Here is the list of all Trump's Residential all around the world.

From New York to San Francisco, Trump's commercial properties are among the most valuable and prized office towers anywhere in the world. Superior quality, iconic design and unmatched locations set these soaring skyscrapers apart from all the rest.

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Superior quality, iconic design - Trump's commercial properties are one of the best places for you to find super high-quality goods and services. Here is the list of Trump's commercial properties.

Trump's Collection of Estates represent the most premier and exclusive properties anywhere in the world. Each one is more unique than the next with architectural details and history that simply cannot be replicated.

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You can always notice Trump's estate on almost all busy and luxury streets in New York. But that's not all, he owns many more and here is the list of all Trump's estates.

The Trump Brand itself is a brand about lifestyle. The brand brings its customers premier services from luxury dining to high-end shopping centers.

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The brand inspires you to push the boundaries, to do big things, to be bold, and to upgrade life standards to a whole new level where the brand will serve you in every way with its luxury and glamorous services.