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  • New York Dem Gov Andrew Cuomo Called Out For Dodging the Press, Planting Questions

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    Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo promised New Yorkers transparency, but with scandals piling up, a looming massive budget deficit, and failed economic development initiatives, Cuomo is dodging the press – and now he’s rightly being called out for it.
  • Nevada Conservative Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian Destroys DC Dean Heller In New Digital Ad

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    It's Time For DC Dean Heller To Retire! #DrainTheSwamp

    "By allowing Mitch McConnell and the establishment to control his Senate career, DC Dean Heller has established a record of repeatedly putting D.C. politics ahead of what’s best for Nevada,” Tarkanian said in a press release. “In the primary, I’m confident that Nevadans will vote to repeal and replace Heller. Nevadans are done with DC Dean — he’s failed us. We don’t want lies, broken promises, and establishment politicians.”
  • Americans Don't Really Understand Gun Violence

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    Interesting read. -Lys

    "Largely ignoring nonfatal shootings means that Americans are both vastly underestimating and misunderstanding gun violence. Underestimating, because researchers are only barely beginning to measure the personal, familial, local, and societal costs of what Kalesan and others estimate are more than a million shooting survivors living in the United States; and misunderstanding, because nonfatal shootings can be quite different from those that result in death.

    The dearth of research makes it near impossible to fully illustrate the realities of gun violence to the broader public. As of now, for example, nobody really knows how often people are shot by their intimate partners, how many victims are intended targets or bystanders, how many shootings are in self-defense, how such incidents affect community investment and property values, or how much it costs taxpayers to care for victims. In order to come up with their estimate of a million shooting survivors, Kalesan and her colleagues had to rely on imperfect data from hospital emergency-room reports.

    As a result, survivors of gun violence are largely invisible, even to the people who work closely on the issue—including policymakers, academics, and medical professionals."
  • Robin Williams Saved A Sobbing Widow’s Life In An Airport Bar After Her Husband’s Suicide

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    "Through my tears I could place the voice but couldn’t actually believe Robin Williams was just casually strolling through LAX and would actually take the time to stop to see if I was OK."
  • New Homeland Security Secretary visits RGV during first week on job

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    I'm pleased to see Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen taking the threat at our southern border seriously. Years of failed immigration and border policies have left our nation vulnerable to dangerous criminal illegal aliens. It's time for a new approach.
  • Nevada Democrat texted lobbyist explicit messages

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    A Nevada Democrat is under fire for sending an explicit text message to a lobbyist.

    They won't let him off the hook on this one.
  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rokita SLAP’s politicians who do not enforce laws | News, Sports, Jobs - News-Sentinel

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    I’m calling out criminal politicians with my SLAP Act. We must enforce our laws! Hoosiers want to end sanctuary cities!
  • Why Mothers Are Leading the Fight for Gun Safety

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    Women lead the way. Thank you to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. "When Women Succeed, America Succeeds."
  • Rep. Ron Kind wants to extend ACA enrollment deadline

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    Today is the last day to enroll for healthcare, but it doesn't have to be. I'm calling on the administration to extend the deadline and help more people get covered.
  • Hudson Valley Earth First

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    Hudson Valley Earth First! Calls Rally to Support Tree Sit in Campaign Against Valley Lateral Pipeline

    WAWAYANDA, New York-December 15 2017- Members of Hudson Valley Earth First! have maintained tree sit blockades in the forested right of way for the Valley Lateral Pipeline for 7 days, effectively slowing the environmental destruction and progress of the pipeline construction. These blockades have saved the lives of trees and are the last line of defense for the endangered bald eagles and habits for Indiana bats and bog turtles. This direct action has braved snow storms and temperatures dropping into the teens. Hudson Valley Earth First! is committed to maintaining these actions for as long as it takes to stop the pipeline and save the bioregion from further parasitic corporate development, but are also seeking public support.

    Hudson Valley Earth First! has called for a Public demonstration and Rally at Millennium Pipeline Company's local office on Route 6 in Wawayanda at 10 am on Monday December 18. See facebook for additional details and ways to participate.

    For those who cannot make it to the rally a fundraising campaign is being used to gather supplies and keep tree sitters warm and well fed. You can donate here:…#

    Email us at:
    or call us at (845)670-5149