Report comment <p>PLEASE READ:</p> <p>You may have noticed a lot of negative, incendiary/offensive comments at the top of posts or articles like this in your news feed.</p> <p>Facebook changed its algorithm so the comments with the most replies instead of the most 'likes' sit at the top. Trolls are taking advantage of this by making offensive, outrageous comments they know people will want to disagree with. There are a couple things we can do to combat this. </p> <p>1. Don't respond to troll posts. I know it's hard, because they are pushing ALL your buttons, but remember they're doing it on purpose. Deny them the attention they seek. </p> <p>2. DO *RESPOND* in the replies section of comments you agree with. Instead of responding to an offensive comment, go find one you agree with and leave a reply, even if it is just one word, like 'Yes', or 'Agreed', or 'Interesting'. Simply liking a comment will not be effective with FB's algorithm. If the real comments are receiving more replies than the negative ones, they will be at the top of the results and the troll comments will not. </p> <p>3. Copy the text of this post and use it wherever you think it can make a difference. Very recent posts are best, but spread this info around.</p>

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