CBS News Wed, 2017-04-26 07:32

Texas campus outraged over flier addressing "white Americans"
“I feel like it’s ignorant people trying to incite some sort of rally or some sort of riot to get people off campus or get people to go to their way.”
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USA TODAY Sports Wed, 2017-04-26 07:32

Projecting when top sports figures will announce retirement
Now that Dale Jr. has announced his retirement, when can we expect superstars from other sports to take a final bow?
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CNN International Wed, 2017-04-26 07:32

Chicago artist creates a mural of Michelle Obama and no one's happy
This mural on a building where Michelle Obama lived as a child has sparked debate, but not for the usual political reasons.
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U.S. News and World Report Wed, 2017-04-26 07:31

Police Defend Force With United Passenger
Video taken by other passengers showed the 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor being dragged up the aisle.
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CNN Politics Wed, 2017-04-26 07:31

Budget director: Trump would sign a funding bill without wall money
Despite the White House tabling the border wall money request on this bill, Mick Mulvaney says avoiding a government shutdown is not yet a sure thing.
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USA TODAY Life Wed, 2017-04-26 07:31

Gallery: New bridal looks from the runway
Aiming for best-dressed bride? See these new bridal looks.
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CNN International Wed, 2017-04-26 07:31

Saudi Arabia's election to UN women's commission draws ire
"How can Saudi Arabia seek to promote women's rights globally, when at home they continue to severely discriminate against women, treating them as permanent legal minors?"
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The Atlantic Wed, 2017-04-26 07:31

Fifth Avenue Then and Now, a Century of Streetviews in NYC
Some views look remarkably unchanged, while others are completely unrecognizable. (from 2016)
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CBS News Wed, 2017-04-26 07:30

How to talk with your teen about "13 Reasons Why"
"Don't be afraid to have a conversation with your children," one expert says about the popular but disturbing show.
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