NBA playoffs 2017: Russell Westbrook clowns Rockets with MVP handle after block

NBA playoffs 2017: Russell Westbrook clowns Rockets with MVP handle after block source:
Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook turned it up to MVP level with this play against the Houston Rockets in Game 2.
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Russell Westbrook was a magician when he dribbled through three defenders in the first half of the Oklahoma City Thunder's NBA playoff game vs. the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

And that was after he blocked/stole an alley-oop attempt on the other end.

First, a spin move sent Lou Williams running in the wrong direction. Then, inside the top of the key, a behind-the-back move had Clint Capela running into a Steven Adams screen and taking Eric Gordon out of the picture.

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File a play like this under a list of things that make this season from Westbrook a special one.

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